Many of our skaters competed at Provincial StarSkate and Synchro Invitational this weekend, held in Fredericton at Willie O’ Ree

Results are as follows
Bronze Interpretive
Sophie Villemure 6th
Kate McGregor 16th

Silver Interpretive
Kate Cunningham 5th
Anna Cowie 6th

Gold Intrepretive
Kelsey Tucker 1st

Star 4 under 13 Group 1
Juliet Haene 3rd
Abby Fleetwood 7th

Star 4 under 13 Group 2
Reese Whalen 7th
Avery Goodfellow 10th

Star 4 13 and over Group 1
Chelsey Darling 4th
Kate McGregor 8th

Star 4 13 and over Group 2
Adele Leblanc 2nd
Isabelle Emery 7th
Cierra Goodine 11th

Star 5 under 13
Jessica Spillman 4th
Lilli Keschtkar 5th

Star 5 13 and over
Sophie Villemure 3rd
Emelie Pelletier 8th
Cameryn Goodfellow 12th

Star 6
Lily Derbyshire 1st
Anna Cowie 6th
Bailey Cripps 7th
Kate Cunningham 10th

Star 7
Lily Derbyshire 10th

Star 9
Kelsey Tucker 1st

Gold Women Free
Kelsey Tucker 3rd
Sara Penny 5th

Qualifying for Atlantic Championships in NS in April
Kelsey Tucker in 2 Events, Lily Derbyshire, Jessica Spillman, Sophie Villemure
Alternates, Lili Keschtkar and Sara Penny