Capital City Skating Club skaters competed on the weekend in Riverview at the 2017 Skate NB Spring Skate competition.


Star 4 Girls 12 & over Chelsey Darling 1st and Isabelle Emery 6th

Star 4 Girls under 13 Reese Whalen 5th, Juliet Haene 6th and Abby Fleetwood 8th

Star 5 Women 13 & over—Sophie Villemure 1st

Star 5 13 and under  Jessica Spillman 2nd

Star 6 elements Anna Cowie 1st and Kate Cunningham 3rd

Star 6 women  Lily Derbyshire 2nd Anna Cowie 5th and Kate Cunningham 6th

Star Nine Women Kelsey Tucker 1st

Gold Women Kelsey Tucker 2nd

Gold Elements Kelsey Tucker 1st

Gold Intrepretive Kelsey Tucker 3rd

Adult Gold Women Martina Verboom 2nd and Alexis Banks 3rd

Adult Silver Women Michelle Melanson 1st and Amy Bourgaize 2nd

Adult Silver Men Sylvain Lavoie 1st and Peter Creelman 2nd

Adult Gold Intrepretive Couples Peter Creelman and Alexis Banks 1st

Prejuvenile Women Under 13 Lili Keschtkar 6th

Pre Novice Short, Abbey Walsh 5th

Junior Short,  Sophie Soontiens 1st

Bronze interpretive Sophie Villemure 4th

Silver Intrepretive Kate Cunningham 1st Anna Cowie 2nd


Also competing for Ribbons and report cards were Leigh Donald and Cassie Stewart in Star 2  Star3 girls Emma Goodine and Ciera Goodine and Introductory Couples interpretive Ciera Goodine and Isabelle Emery.