The CanSkate Program is Skate Canada’s learn to skate program and is a progression program divided into six stages with an optional seventh stage as a stepping stone from the CanSkate program to the Skate Canada Figure Skating Program. For more information, please see our CanSkate Section.


Adult Skate
The Adult program covers a wide range of skating skills from skaters who want to learn to figure skate for enjoyment, to the experienced skater who wishes to compete in the Adult Competitive events or advance through the Skate Canada test system. We offer the Adult skating program during our winter session as well as our Spring, Summer and Fall Schools. We offer our Adult Learn to Skate option for the beginner during Winter.

An adult synchronized skating team is also available for skaters 18 and over, the team practices once per week. The adult synchronized skating team is an opportunity for skaters to learn to skate together as a team, improve their skating skills and have fun. Depending on the team goals, entering adult synchronized skating competitions may be possible.

Pre-Star (Old Pre-Junior)
The Pre-Star Program is a program being offered by our club to smooth the transition from the CanSkate Program to the Skate Canada Program.
This program provides group instruction with the opportunity of individual instruction on the basics of figure skating. Instruction will be provided by a Professional Coach. Skaters wishing to have private lessons from one of the Professional Coaches may be required to pay an additional fee for ice time and must pay the private lesson fee.

This program is for the skater who has reached Stage 4 or above in the CanSkate program, wants to skate 2 or 3 times a week in a group environment and wants to learn the basics of all disciplines of figure skating for enjoyment. Skaters in this group are encouraged to try the Preliminary Skate Canada tests if they choose. The Pre-Star program is offered during our winter session as well as our Spring and Fall Schools. Please visit our Skater Resources section for more information on the transition from Canskate to Pre-Star.

Skate Canada Programs
The Skate Canada Program is for skaters above the level of CanSkate who wish to learn the art of Figure Skating. The Skate Canada Program is divided into three levels: Star 1-3, Star 4-6 and Star 8+ based on skating skills.



The Club’s Skating Groups

  • Star 1-3 (Old Junior) are skaters who have passed Stage 6 of the Canskate program and are working on their Star 1 to 3 tests.
  • Star 4-6 (Old Intermediate) are skaters who are working on their STAR 4 to STAR 6 Freestyle tests. Must have passed complete Star 3 tests.
  • Star 8+ (Old Senior) are skaters who are working on STAR 8 to Gold Freestyle tests. Must have passed complete STAR 6 Freestyle test.
  • Adult open skaters are skaters 18 years of age and older. Current skating level must be evaluated by a coach to determine if open adult figure skating or Adult Learn-To-Skate is appropriate for skater.

The club policy for skater level can be found here: Requirements for Levels and movement.

Star 1-3, Star 4-6 and Star 8+ skaters have the choice of following the test stream or the competitive stream depending on their age, ability and desire. The Skate Canada program is divided into five disciplines, which are Freestyle, Dance, Skating Skills, Pairs and Artistic.


A Synchronized skating team is also available once again for both adults and younger skaters in 2019, the participating skating levels will be determined following winter registration. This is a program for skaters who wish to be a part of a great team atmosphere and continue to develop their skating skills.