The following is the club guest skating policy: Please contact the club at to make a guest skating request.

Capital City Skating Club Guest Skating Policy

  • Must be a regular member with Skate Canada for the current skating year and a member in good standing at their home club.
  • A skater will only be permitted to guest skate if the maximum number of skaters is not exceeded and at the discretion of the Capital City Skating Club board.
  • Skaters will only be permitted to skate on the sessions that they qualify for according to the CCSC classifications.
  • Requests for skating must be made by contacting, the registration chair through the club at at least 48 hours prior to the requested session.

  • Cost for guest skating (in winter) will be:
    • $25 per hour and excludes any club coaching time (Star 1 and up eligible only)
    • Please see off season school pages for guest skating rates in Spring, Summer and Fall
  • A maximum of 5 Guest skating sessions allowed per camp. Winter sessions will be according to the Fredericton City rules. (eg. 5 per winter session.)
  • Must observe and follow the rules of the Capital City Skating Club.



Capital City Skating Club Board