Make a Difference – Come join our team! ….

“A hundred years from now it will not matter
What my bank account was,
The sort of house I lived in,
Or the kind of clothes I wore.
But the world may be different because
I was important in the life of a child.”

Author unknown

The success of skating in Fredericton and all of Canada for that matter is a direct result of the time, effort and passion shown by Section and Club Volunteers. Parents and other family members of skaters spend countless hours at the club office and at the rink donating their time. Their passion for the sport often transcends their immediate family and they remain involved to the point where they are seeing their grandchildren taking to the ice.

Despite the passion, determination and multi-faceted abilities of our volunteers, the Capital City Skating Club is always looking to expand our volunteer base. As a volunteer-driven organization, the Capital City Skating Club depends on our volunteers to continually lend a helping hand. Whether it is serving on a Club Executive, acting as Test Chair or organizing a local club fund raiser, our volunteers are a significant reason for our success.

If you are looking for an opportunity to expand your horizons, meet new friends and make a positive impact on the role of skating in your community, then take this opportunity to volunteer.

What qualifications do I need?
All you need is an interest in skating, a desire to help our organization and a few hours that you can donate on a monthly basis.

How much time do I need to donate?
The amount of time depends on your area of interest and expertise as well as the need of the club. We have volunteers who donate anywhere from 20-25 hours per week. We also have volunteers who donate a couple of hours per month. We also have volunteers who help out occasionally, such as with the planning of special events.

What would I be doing?
This depends on your skills and interest as well as in consultation with the club. CCSC is always looking for club executive members, special event organizers, people to oversee club public and media relations. We are also looking for people to assist in the organization of our annual ice show, help out at competitive events and so on. How you can assist is contingent on the limits of your imagination.

What can I do since my time is so limited?
Don’t let this be a problem. We want to tap your interest and marry it with our needs. As a result, we will work with your schedule.

How do I become a volunteer?
If you are interested in volunteering please email us at